The Passion Behind the Business



Do not let her sweet, baby face fool you, Maya was born an old soul. Her wisdom and knowledge presented itself at a very young age. Her natural instinct to take the world in “as it is” makes her the perfect person to open up to, as there is never a fear of judgement. Her soft, sweet nature and abundance of kindness makes her a joy to be around. 

Like most of us, 2020 rocked her world in ways that she couldn’t have imagined. She adopted a meditation practice to combat her anxiety and her life completely changed. Her meditation practice opened the door to Reiki, and Maya earned her Reiki Master certificate in the fall of 2020. But she didn’t stop there. She will complete her Yoga Teacher training in the Spring of 2021, and is eager to serve her community. We are so proud of all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual work Maya has done. We simply can’t wait to see where the journey takes her next.


Sara is our resident healer. She has been seeking out the wounded for longer than any of us can remember. She has spent most of her life offering a listening ear and her hands for service. 

While The Lightworkers Union is just in its beginning phases, Sara’s spiritual journey started more than 20 years ago, as she studied comparative religions in college. Her calling of, “Service to Others” brought her into the Cosmetology industry. But, she never stopped searching for more meaningful ways to connect with her clients. Eleven years ago, Sara received her first Reiki session. To say that it was life altering would be an understatement. Seeing the positive impact Reiki had on her own life, she began to think about sharing this gift with others. It wasn’t long before she began her own training, becoming a Reiki Master. She has since went on to learn sound healing, meditation, and even earned her Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2020. 

Sara’s road to enlightenment has certainly been winding, and is far from over. But, she is excited to share her knowledge and gifts with you.